‘s2hs2’ is an interface for sharing OSC data between TidalCycles and Processing. A visual form can be assigned to each letter on the computer keyboard, later is possible to live code such letters, modifying their behaviour through Tidal.

The focus of the previously mentioned interface is to live code and improvise visuals and/or text.

- . - t ` x , txt / ~ .

I find interesting to deconstruct text and visuals through live coding, drawing as writing live processes, looking to celebrate unexpected materialities.

‘s2hs2’ was written by Alex McLean and Rodrigo Velasco in January 2015 in the ICSRiM of the School of Music at the University of Leeds. ‘s2hs2’ is part of the current Rodrigo’s research at Posgrado en Artes y Diseño of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

* s2hs2 was included in 'All Things Live Coding' a curated list of live coding and tools by Mauro/lvm. You should take a look ( . Eternal grateful with yaxu.