The power of the spill, Csenge Kolozsvari + Rodrigo Velasco

The Power of the Spill is a multidisciplinary performance that responds to the tracks: “Animality”, “The Ecosophic World” and Matter’s Mattering. Working at the intersection of digital and imaginary technologies, the piece uses live video feedback, algorithmic processes of image and sound, as well as a movement-choreography informed by somatic practices. It proposes that way we experience the world (which experience arises through and across the body) and the categories we create through imagery have social consequences; they shape our value-systems and determine what kinds of thoughts, movements, relationships become possible. In deeply thinking-with the tracks: Animality, The Ecosophic World and Matter’s Mattering, The Power of the Spill asks: how can we sense the currents of the relational field? How might it be possible to stretch our perceptual habits that lead to actions that often disregard certain forms of life? How can we foreground that which we are usually missing and re-produce a deeply felt connection with the connective tissue of the world?

It is a study on visual perception and how it affects our ways of making sense of the world, aiming to create an alternative lens that acknowledges the vitality of objects, a topology that is cross-species, the ways seemingly separate entities are in constant exchange, towards a more ecological way of being.