Rodrigo Velasco

México, Ecatepec, 1988 - Media artist, exploring experiences between sound, text and image through
writing or modifying algorithms in the context of live coding. Graphic and web designer, founder of veería a
visual arts and design lab. Sharing live coding as part of TOPLAP and Algorave movements under the alias yecto.

om shanti om

21/06/2017 - ‘migration1’ - Metarythmes by OBORO, STUDIO XX and TOPLAP

OBORO, STUDIO XX and TOPLAP are supporting ‘Metarythmes’ a series of meetings to collaborate and explore around the concepts ‘live and rhythm’ through non conventional vocabularies.

First ‘Metarythmes’ jam will be next 21 June, 19h at OBORO in Montréal.

22/03/2017 - Algorave Montréal

Algorave est de retour à Montréal. Soyez les bienvenus pour danser tout en écoutant des sons et des visages qui palpitent. 'Vieux Néant, RGGTRN, Shelly Knotts, Marc Matatya, Yaxu, BunBun, Hellocatfood, yecto and co¥ᄀpt'.