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I am 28 years old, Montréal based. I love to create audiovisual experiences between sound and image through writing or modifying algorithms in the context of live coding. I have years of experience as Graphic and Web Designer. I created my own Visual Arts and Design Lab called 'veería'. I'm part of the 'Algorave' movement, live coding across the world under the alias 'yecto'.

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22/03/2017 - Algorave Montréal

Algorave est de retour à Montréal. Soyez les bienvenus pour danser tout en écoutant des sons et des visages qui palpitent. 'Vieux Néant, RGGTRN, Shelly Knotts, Marc Matatya, Yaxu, BunBun, Hellocatfood, yecto and co¥ᄀpt'.

Semblanza viva:

22/03/2017 - Labsessions #12 at Société des arts technologiques (SAT).

I shared a first approach to 'Astr.' an AV live coding immersive set, as part of Labsessions #12.

14/03/2017 - Visual identity of the next ICLC 2017

Joyful of being part of the team that is giving life to the next International Conference on Live Coding 2017, it will be in Morelia, México. All the web and graphic design it's a collaborative work between Felipe Noriega, Karen del Valle and Rodrigo Velasco. We designed a live identity, result of diverse processes that involve live coding. All the graphics are unique, the visual image is part of an open process that will be experiencing changes between different publications and times.

ICLC 2017 website -
Afiches - veeria/ICLC-2017

10/03/2017 - Live coded visuals for 'Saraswati Dirty8!'

Live coding audioreact visuals from scratch inspired by the crowd vibes and the strident drum and bass bangs.

02/03/2017 - Live coded visuals for 'The Art Culture Autochtone night'

Great times live coding visuals from scratch with 'Fluxus' to accompany a really amazing and talented crew (Señor Kiko, Kiki Harper and Don Juan) at L'Escalier in Montréal.

18/02/2017 - Live coded visuals for Electro-Live::: Don Juan, Deux Coqs & Vieux Néant

As 'yecto' I live coded and distorted some old and new 'Fluxus' and 's2hs2' visuals to accompany the marvelous Electro-Live night organized every month by Vieux Néant at L'Escalier.

Montréal, 2016/2017 - Algo Rítmico by Ab Rah, Arturo Waldo, Jason Levine, Marc Egg Matatya, Vieux Neant and yecto

All rythms and most synths in this album were live coded during the production process. We sampled tracks from our Winter 2016 Solstice annual giga-improv where live coder Jason Levine (New-York) meets Marc Egg Matatya (Montréal) with special collaboration by yecto (Mexico, D.F.), and slam poets Arturo Waldo (Mexico, D.F.), and Ab Rah (Montaren-et-Saint-Mediers). Mix and Production were made by Vieux Neant @ Studio House of Cards, master by Alexandre Bisson @ Studio Machine.

23/01/17 - TR-808 in Mixmag - Welcome to the Algorave movement, mixed by Yaxu

My track TR-808, a tribute to the oldschool drum machine, appeared in this awesome mix, made by Yaxu, also you can read an interesting article published in 'mixmag' about Algorave network, live coding, DIY, etc.

21/01/17 - Live coding (yecto) + Live electro (Marc Matatya and Vieux Néant) @ L'Escalier, Montréal

I made a from the scratch live coding set in L'Escalier, the first live coding performance in this legendary place, thanks to Marc Egg Matatya and Vieux Néant who made amazing live electro and impro sets.

09/01/17 - Mil988 @ Algorave Montréal

Algorave landed for the first time in Montréal. Different interesting projects from Mexico City, USA, Vancouver and MTL, including Kindohm, Norah Lorway, Spednar, Mil988 (Arturo Waldo + yecto), Illest Preacha + Marc Egg Matatya and Vieux Néant created live coded, live electro + algorithmically rave sounds and visuals for your pleasure.

21/12/16 - Web game 'Children of the world without racism'.

A collaborative Christmas gift created by the oldschool painter Romeo Ríos + drawings by errrores and web + graphic design by me.

12/12/16 - Interactive web for Mil988 by veería.

A graffiti inspired algorithm is adding noise to translate ellipses, painting live our web page.

15/10/16 - algotriste, yecto @ Algorave ICLC 2016

I presented 'algotriste' in Hamilton, as part of the last International Conference on Live Coding 2016, algotriste is a live coding audiovisual performance looking forward to create through sad noises, slow, broken and nostalgic Algorave overtones, a continuous vibrant, but dead feeling over the dancefloor.

15/10/16 yecto - live coding visuals to Mico Rex @ Algorave ICLC 2016

I shared with the marvelous Mico Rex in the Hammer!

12/10/16 - TidalCycles 'birds of a feather' workshop - Mike Hodnick, Scott Fradkin, Alex McLean and Rodrigo Velasco @ ICLC 2016

I had the enormous honour of be part of 'birds of feather' in which I learned a lot from Alex, Scott and Mike, but also had the opportunity to share a talk - demo of 's2hs2' that was about an interface between Processing and TidalCycles to live code the behaiviour of previously created visual stuff, I talked about the main paths in my experience (alien alphabets, visual poems, live code visuals and graphic design) also, I invited all the people involved in the workshop to live code through 's2hs2', also you are invited!, click here.

14/10/16 - Rodrigo Velasco: Poetics of Live Coding through s2hs2

Very happy I was part of the Session #12: Short Papers chaired by Scott Wilson in the ICLC 2016, I presented some images while I talked about the prehistory of 's2hs2' and the possible futures of it, also I live coded some visual patterns, playing and explaining how s2hs2 is actually working. The focus of the paper is to highlight the origin of the interface, which is strongly linked with poetic doing, and also look at some approaches and/or departures from, I'm exploring and invite those interested to live code it.

August 2016 - Astr. en R.I.P. de Editorial Merma

Thanks to Merma crew, specially to 'Mono' who invited me to collaborate in Read In Peace, the new zine of Merma Editorial, made in Guadalajara and was intervened by Samia Farah, Biophillick, Inari Reséndiz, Aldo Alvarez Tostado, Rojo Cordova, yecto and Paloma Patlán, printed by El Chino, Dani y Miguel, assembled by m e r m a + Fabi, Ale, Luis, Robe, Mari y Yulis. In words of the crew Astr. became a kind of smallpox for R.I.P.

October 2016 - Mapping in 'Escuela Superior de Música' as part of SEMIMUTICAS

As part of SEMIMUTICAS I collaborated with Karen del Valle and Jaime Lobato to make a mapping in a really nice building of the 'Escuela Superior de Música' in Mexico City. It was really nice, we intervened some wall texture photos and projected some audioreactive shapes that broke the real wall texture.

September 2016 - yecto - live coding visuals to SNRNG in Format.DF

Excited to collaborate with SNRNG and be part of the Format.DF the biggest chiptune festival in Latin America, an independent effort that brings together in one place local and international artists. 8bit music has grown exponentially thanks to 1L8B and Colectivo Chipotle. So, I made a Processing sketch with some audioreactive grids and forms to live code through TidalCycles and interact with SNRNG retro computer obtained trippy soundscapes.

September 2016 - Taglitch

Last September I was selected by Animasivo, to join Gif Me Space, with the idea of taking out the gif of the web, the gifs was projected on the facade of a legendary ex convent, called "Ex Teresa Arte Actual", in the public space of the Historic Center of Mexico City.

09/09/2016 - yecto @ Algorave Transpiksel

I performed as yecto, it was special because was organized by Algorave in collaboration with Transpiksel MX, so we invited people to experience an audiovisual free, libre, open source technologies party, it was in Salón Numantina, a really mythic cantina in the south of Mexico City. The lineup was really amazing and composed by mapSide, Maite Cajaraville, Gysle Frøysland, Tito Romero,, dexasismundi, Emilio Ocelotl, Eduardo Melendez, etc.

September 2016 - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine - yecto live coded remix

I made this remix of Lou Rawls, a tribute to Elamed, all live coded in TidalCycles.

18/08/2016 - yect collaborating with Profe James to live code visuals for URSS Bajo el Árbol @ El Zócalo

Live coding visuals through s2hs2, controlling previously created illustrations by Profe James, in the main plaza of Mexico City.

12/08/2016 - El Principio - FoeMe

Last year I collaborated with FoeMe to develop some live codeable visuals for his ten anniversary show in Mexico City, this video, is part of the visuals I developed to 'El Principio', then FoeMe invited me to record my visuals and release a video. This was an incredible experience, because FoeMe is my favorite 'divertiprogre' Mexican band.

08/08/2016 - TR-808

A brief tribute in the middle of the night for the TR-808, all live coded through TidalCycles.

06/08/2016 - yecto @ Algorave en El 77

I performed as yecto and organized this Algorave in Mexico City, it was fun, we had a really nice crowd, and the line up was integrated by EHO, Eduardo Meléndez, Tito Romero, MapSphere, yect, CHEMA64, {D1([6, 6].er)}, etc.

July 2016 - Mapping to Sony Showroom as part of

I collaborated and learned from the incredible crew while I developed an audioreactive and generative mapping, with some videos of MapSide plus algorithms and the kindly support of Eduardo H. Obieta.

July 2016 - azetsirt, yecto

09/07/2016 - yecto @ Algorave en El Laberinto Cultural Santa María la Ribera

I performed as yecto in this Algorave in Mexico City, it was a blast!, and the line up was integrated by RGGTRN, yect, .dm and Furenku.

10/06/2016 - workshop Live coding in TidalCycles, SuperDirt, s2hs2

Had a great time sharing how to setup and live code through TidalCycles at the studio in Mexico.

18/05/2016 - ERREOPEO + yecto @ 'EN COMÚN'

Nice experience collaborating with ERREOPEO improvising and crossing our different processes to make some meditative soundscapes.

October 2015 - live coding visuals for 'Electrofolk' by Tito Romero @ La Habitación del Ruido

13/07/2015 - vida breve, tristeTren @ ICLC 2015

September 2014 - otú @ Simposio Internacional de Música y Código /* vivo */ 2014

August 2014 - fax + yex, tito ' café, zines y live coding en la Cafeleería

A really enjoyable live coding session, making sounds and visuals with Valerie Faxtar, also Tito Romero presented an old school from the scratch live coding set.

September 2014 - otú @ Simposio Internacional de Música y Código /* vivo */ 2014

Julio 2011 - DVERMEVELA, live coding and digital video by 'cartero sin cartas'