Mah cualli ohtli.

Rodrigo Ramírez Velasco is a media artist and graphic designer from Ecatepec, Mexico, weaving dialogues between text, sound and visuals through live coding. Usually as yecto or 'rrrrodrrrrigo', Velasco creates live coded improv-based electronic music and/or audioreactive visual explorations, Rodrigo is part of the live coding community TOPLAP.

rrrr is conducting different workshops and University courses on live coding, design and computation arts; among them, 'Live Coding [atelier/workshop]' (2017) at Eastern Bloc, Montréal / ‘TidalCycles 'birds of a feather' - Workshop’ (2016), International Conference on Live Coding 2016 at McMaster University, Hamilton / ‘Live Coding en TidalCycles’ (2014), Workshop at Facultad de Música (FAM), UNAM.

In 2013 Velasco has given life to veería, a studio focused on and algorithmic web design. Since 2016 and through Metarythmes, different activities around live coding, live electronics and Algorave, Rodrigo is bringing creative possibilities, learning and sharing with a welcoming and inspiring community in Montréal.