Everything in tlaltícpac -that is, upon the earth- is transitory.

Rodrigo Velasco is a Montréal based artist from Ecatepec, Mexico, unfolding dialogues between text, sound and graphics through live coding and speculative design. Celebrating light and embracing risk as a learning opportunity. Under the alias yecto Rodrigo creates audio-reactive visuals and sounds.

His explorations through workshops, exhibitions and performances have been shared in events such as /*vivo*/ 2014 Simposio Internacional de Música y Código in Mexico, ‘Live Coding through TidalCycles’, Facultad de Música, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (2014), ICLC 2015, (International Conference in Live Coding) in Leeds, Metarythmes, ‘migration 01’ (OBORO, Studio XX) (2017), Libre Graphics Meeting 2018 in Seville, ELO 2018 Mind the Gap! (TOPO Digital Writings Laboratory), Nuit Blanche 2018 “NOCHE EN BLANCO : LATINX (RE) MIX (Eastern Bloc, NVA) and MUTEK Montréal 2018.