La lluvia haciendo música.
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Rodrigo Velasco is a Mexican artist interweaving text, image, rhythm and sound through conversational poetics and live coding. Improvisation and collaborative processes are at the heart of the experience, where thought is being transformed into abstract worlds of relation. Rodrigo is a student of the Master of Design at Concordia University in the Department of Design and Computation Arts and part of the SenseLab, a laboratory for thought in motion.

His explorations through workshops, non books and audiovisual performances have been shared internationally as part of /*vivo*/ 2014, Simposio Internacional de Música y Código, Libre Graphics Meeting 2018, Nuit Blanche, NOCHE EN BLANCO : LATINX (RE) MIX - Eastern Bloc + Never Apart, Electronic Literature Organization - ELO 2018, TOPO Digital Writings Laboratory, live => coding music, IMPA ˜ Rio de Janeiro and MUTEK Montréal Edition 19.
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